Quick view of our music lineup

Friday, September 15th – Christian Lee
Saturday, September 16th – Crossroads 
Friday, September 22nd – Acme Time Machine
Saturday, September 23rd – Center Jazz Quartet
Friday, September 29th – Christian Lee
Saturday, September 30th – Center Jazz Quartet

Friday, October 6th – Janna & the Giants
Saturday, October 7th – Jeff Waldon
Friday, October 13th – Solitary Diamonds
Saturday, October 14th – Acme Time Machine
Sunday, October 15th – Soul Jam
Friday, October 20th – Christian Lee
Saturday, October 21st – Sideways
Friday, October 27th – Jeff Waldon
Saturday, October 28th – Christian Lee
Sunday, October 29th – Soul Jam

Friday, Nov 3rd- TBD
Saturday, Nov 4th – Acme Time Machine
Sunday, Nov 8th – TBD
Friday, Nov 10th – Vintage Vinyl
Saturday, Nov 11th –  Jeff Waldon
Sunday, Nov 12th – TBD
Friday, Nov 17th – TBD
Saturday, Nov 18th – TBD
Sunday, Nov 19th – TBD
Friday, Nov  24th- TBD
Saturday, Nov 25th – TBD
Sunday, Nov 26th – TBD

Friday, December 1th – TBD
Saturday, December 2nd – TBD
Friday, December 8th – Crossroads 
Saturday, December 9th – TBD
Friday, December 15th – TBD
Saturday, December 16st – TBD
Friday, December 22nd – TBD
Saturday, December 23rd – TBD
Friday, December 29th – TBD
Saturday, December 30th – TBD

Wanna keep up with what’s happening?

Center Bar and Grill Welcomes

Acoustic Guitar Specialist

Christian Lee

Friday, September 15th
Friday, September 29th
Friday, October 20th
Saturday, October 28th
Music plays from 6 – 9pm

Center Jazz Quartet

Saturday, September 30th
Saturday, September 23rd
Music plays from 5b- 8pm

Crossroads Band

Saturday, September 16th

Friday, December 8th
Music plays from 6 – 9pm

ACME Time Machine

Friday, September 22nd
Saturday, October 18th

Saturday, November 4th
Music plays from 6 – 9pm

Janna and the Giants

Friday, October 6th
Music plays from 6 – 9pm

Jeff Waldon

Saturday, October 7th
Friday, October 27th

Saturday, November 11th
Music Plays from 5:30 – 9p

Solitary Diamonds - A Neil Diamond Tribute

Friday, October 13th
Music plays from 6 – 9pm

Soul Jam with Delaney & Jaymes

Sunday, October 15th
Sunday, October 29th
Music plays from 5 – 8pm


Saturday, October 21st
Music plays from 6 – 9pm

Vintage Vinyl

Friday, November 10th
Music plays from 6 – 9pm